Men's Sleeveless Shirts

Nadine and I produce and print all our sleeveless T-shirts for men at our gallery in Islamorada. We use our own underwater photographs. We also design each image to make fabulous artwork and very unique styles for men. Our sleeveless T-shirts for men, or men’s tanks, are great for working out at the gym, sometimes called muscle shirts. We use lightweight fabric therefore they are comfortable and stylish The underwater photography is done by us, Nadine and Glenn Lahti, of Islamorada. We take our photos in the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and the world. There are turtles, fish, octopus, sharks, and many more forms of marine life we use.

Most importantly, the shirts we use are made of 100% polyester, which is moisture wicking, and has a very fine weave which makes it very soft and comfortable for anything you do. We imprint our image on the sleeveless T-shirts for men, or tanks for men, by a process of dye sublimation therefore, there is no transfer to peel off or crack since the image is imbedded in the material.

We make our sleeveless t-shirts, or muscle shirts, in a variety of sizes and over 120 designs, including turtles, sharks, fish, etc, therefore I am sure you will find something you will like. Since we do our own production, we can even make a custom sleeveless t-shirt just for you.

We also do wholesale sales of our our apparel. If you have a boutique, store, or other retail location, call us. We will supply you with these fabulous sleeveless T-shirts for men. Minimum quantities apply. Call our gallery at 305-664-0001 or email us at and we will provide you with these awesome t-shirts.


Click on any of the images below you would like to see a larger image of. You can even zoom on the design to see the detail. If you want more choices than pictured below, you can go to “Ladies Tank Tops” and any image on the over 100 designs can be put on the Men’s Sleeveless Shirts also. Once you see the design you like, choose your size from the drop down menu and add to cart!

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Showing all 30 results