Tropical Apparel from ArtSea Clothing

“ArtSea of the Florida Keys” was created by us, Nadine and Glenn Lahti, in 2018, to showcase our extensive collections of underwater photos from the Florida Keys, Caribbean, and the World, on fabulous  tropical apparel for boutiques, gift shops, dive shops, and other ocean themed stores. “Artsea of the Florida Keys” is literally Art from the Sea placed on tropical apparel for both men and women.  Our ladies leggings and tank tops are some of the coolest on the planet.  To see more of our fabulous artwork go to for 1000’s of images on tile, canvas, and prints.

We started the tropical apparel line to further expand our art so you can wear it. You will not find
anything as unique as our beautiful apparel anywhere in the world. Using our copyrighted
underwater photos you can bring the world of the sea and tropics to your wardrobe.   We have leggings, t’s, men’s shirts, tank tops, and much, much more.
We plan on adding to our spectacular line of  leggings and other tropical apparel on a continuous basis. Keep a close eye
on our website to see the latest styles we create with our artwork and photography. Sign up for our mailing list to get special
prices on all new introductions.

If you have a store that sells apparel, please contact us for wholesale pricing.

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