Long Sleeve Shirt Designs for Men and Women

Our tropical long sleeve T-shirts are perfect for fishing, boating, or any activity when you are out in the sun and need some protection. The material is 100% polyester. The weave is very fine so they are very comfortable and soft. SPF30 gives you a lot of sun protection! So, they are useful and comfortable and have great tropical artwork, like turtles, fish and other marine life using our underwater photos.

We have 18 designs by Nadine and Glenn Lahti of Lobster Trap Art, and ArtSea of the Florida Keys of these long sleeve fishing or boating t-shirts. There is a large art image on the back of the T-shirts and a smaller image on the front. On one sleeve there is another image and a city name on the other sleeve. We can make custom long sleeve t-shirts just for you using your image and city. Minimum orders apply.

All the underwater photos, and tropical artwork we use are also taken by Nadine and Glenn. The photographs are from their travels around the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and the world. These images on the full cover long sleeve t-shirts are the coolest on the planet. It is like wearing a reef with turtles, fish, octopus, shark, and other marine life on your clothes.


Please check out all the different tropical long sleeve T-shirt designs we offer and remember you can get them in a variety of sizes. We carry XS, S, MED, LG, XL, AND XXL. We have a shirt that will protect you, with
SPF30, and fit you for your next adventure. Wear them fishing or just out and about to give you sun protection and a comfortable fit.


Below are the options of our colorful and tropical Long Sleeve Shirts. The Shirts have 4 different images on them. There is a large design on the back, a smaller design on the front and a design on each sleeve!! Click on the image you want to see more of. This will direct you to a page where you can see all 4 designs on that particular shirt. You can zoom in on the shirt to see the detail in the designs. Once you choose your size from the drop down menu, just add to cart!

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Showing all 16 results