Men's Apparel

Our unique men’s apparel of button up tropical shirts are designed by us, Nadine and Glenn Lahti. Because we are from the Florida Keys, we design what we see every day. We take hundreds of thousands of underwater pictures on our travels in the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and the world. We use these amazing photos to create unique tropical designs for men, ladies, and youth styles. By using the turtles, fish, octopus, sharks, and other marine life, we have a great variety of images on our men’s apparel. We even have beautiful reef scenes on our tropical apparel.

The clothing designs we apply to the men’s tropical apparel is done by a process called dye sublimation. We like this process because it puts gaseous inks into the fabric of the apparel. This makes sure we have no transfer to peal or crack. We latterly put the ink in the threads of the clothing. The reason we like this type of process, is because the images are very vivid and colorful. All our men’s apparel is done this way.

We actually produce and print the images, turtles, fish, reef scenes,etc., on the clothing at our gallery in Islamorada. We do ladies tank tops, youth long and short sleeve t-shirts. And, we also do the fishing shirts, which are long sleeve for adult ladies or men. The full cover t-shirts, ladies leggings, and the men’s button up shirts are produced and printed overseas. We had to do this because they have to be cut and sewn. This process is very costly and labor intensive. We tried to have this done in the US, but the cost was prohibitive. Since we wanted to have a clothing line that was not overpriced for our customers we thought this was the best course of action.


Click on one of the images below to see the style of men’s apparel you would like to see more of. Once you click on the image it will bring you to the information page about that style with more options on designs. We think the turtles are very cool.