Youth Long Sleeve T-Shirts

We have some of the same designs on these t-shirts youth long sleeve as we do on the adult ones in this category. So far we only have 6 different images for the child t-shirts, but can make any design at our gallery if you see one that is not displayed in this section. We have turtles, fish, octopus, lobster, reefs, and much more marine life and paintings to choose from. The youth t’s are SPF30.

We like these t-shirts youth long sleeve for kids because they cannot burn in the sun if exposed. The t-shirt is SPF30 and gives a lot of protection for your youngsters. They will love the designs also. Remember, we also do custom youth t-shirts using your photos if you like or a combination of our art and photography.

We design all these youth t’s long sleeve using the artwork of Nadine and Glenn Lahti of Islamorada. Their extensive collection of underwater photography is on all of our child t-shirts for youth, unisex, and ladies. Using the turtles, lobster, fish, octopus, and other marine like, we can make a very cool youth shirt. The photography is from the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and the rest of the world.

We put a large image on the back of the youth t-shirt and a smaller one on the front. There is also an image on one sleeve and a city name on the other the sleeve. We can use your city name if you like or eliminate the city altogether. Many options to choose from. Call our gallery at 303-664-0001 or email us at and we can help you design a custom youth t-shirt.


Below are the designs for our Youth Long Sleeve Shirts. These shirts have 4 designs on each one. There is a large design on the back, a smaller design on the front, and a design on each sleeve. Click on the design you would like to see. It will take you to another page which shows all the designs for that particular shirt. You can zoom in on the design to see the detail. Choose your size from the drop down menu and add to cart!

Showing all 6 results

Showing all 6 results